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Escape Visuals offers industry leading grip, rigging, lighting, and more. We truly mean everything in one. Our studios offer full grip truck setups from 1 ton all the way to a full 10 ton truck. With over 50 lights, 100+ pieces of speed rail, 400+ grip accessories, and 3 trucks; we have your next production covered. 

Need something fully custom?

Our custom fabrication office in Pittsburgh PA can craft any set or set design element you can imagine. Our studio as designed specialty rigs to mount cameras to waterslides, attractions, vehicles, and more when we have exhausted all of our in-house options. Our team can work with your team to create a custom solution for your camera/lighting/audio rigging needs. We craft custom rigs, custom camera array rigs, custom lighting mounts, and more. If there is a specific need outside of the realm of commercial available grip items, send us an email for info on our custom fabrication. 


One of, if not the most important aspect to any production is your G&E team. At Escape Visuals we take pride in being a one stop production agency that includes every thing needed to complete any level production. Our grip department offers stands, flags, silks, scrims, diffusion, modifiers, speed rail, dana dolly system, clamps, cables, and more. Our full lineup of g&e gear allows us to always have what is needed for any scale production project. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 2.28.13 PM.png


One of our specialties; rigging. Our team has rigged over 100 theme park attractions, 100+ waterslides, 20+ water attractions, 20+ car mount rig shoots, and more for our range of clients. We mix safety with stability to offer the most rock solid rigging options in the industry. Since attractions are our specialty we have developed complex on ride rigging systems to get the perfect shot every time. Working with almost every type of attraction, multiple automotive platforms, off road atv/utv, boats, and more; we have the experience needed to attach large cinema cameras/lights/audio/monitoring to pretty much anything imaginable.

dark ride rig with RED 6k.png


Our studio has an extensive library of lights to best fit our clients production demands. 50+ LED lights, RGB tube lighting, ARRI HMI lights, specialty effect lights, and more are at our disposal for all our productions. Plus everything needed to support them, modify them, and gel them. 



Our mobile production units make it a game changer for traveling commercial/production work.  Our production van offers a 1 ton grip setup, 2 camera carts, and a unique mobile green room. Our 3 ton grip truck offers everything imaginable for larger scale shoots. We also have a production SUV that is capable of carrying 1 camera cart, 6 c stands, grip equipment, and multiple lights. We also offer a production truck that can not only carry a 1 or 3 ton grip trailer but also act as a production vehicle itself for our camera arm system or a tow vehicle to trailer our production jet boat, 900hp camera car, and off road vehicles. For the largest of jobs we offer a full 10 ton truck setup with ability to travel to 48 states. With 8 vehicles in our fleet we have an impressive lineup for any demand. 

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One of our favorite offerings; a lineup of gear to shoot high end content in or under the water. We have water proof lights, camera housings, and more to be able to capture stunning footage in the wettest environments. Stunning next level footage from RED and SONY cameras in stunning 4k 120FPS, 6k, and 8k. We offer both still and video rigging options. Asides from rigging cameras in extreme conditions, we offer underwater housings for our Sony A1, Sony A7siii, RED Komodo, and RED DSMC2.. 

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