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 Our studio combines the most cutting edge camera systems with the most advanced motion systems for unparalleled shots. Providing you with the full solution to moving the camera; we provide operator, camera, gear, and more.



The Ronin 2 is an industry standard stabilization system, that can carry all of our camera packages. This system can be used on tripods, car arms, cranes, and handheld with back support. Perfect for any situation where the camera needs to be in motion. 



A truly amazing piece of cinematic technology; the RED DSMC2 Helium is outfitted with an 8k super 35mm CMOS sensor that delivers 16.5 stops of dynamic range.  The RED WEAPON Helium is capable of shooting 8k at up to 60fps and shooting high speed 300fps at 2k resolution. The Helium is a workhorse both on and off the gimbal, and with RED's color science this is an all around great option for your next shoots camera package. 



We offer a wide range of dolly systems to fit our clients needs. Our most common used dolly system is the Dana Dolly. This system allows for 12' of straight track and curved track. We also offer a more traditional system with our doorway dolly. 



Escape offers several types of crane systems to move our camera in space without the use of a drone. We offer a 24' jib and a 12' jib that can carry all of our camera packages for both photo and video. 



Our arm vehicles are located out of Orlando Florida and can travel to 48 states. We offer a scarab jet boat with modified mounts to hold our arm, a 4 person side by side for off road arm use, and a 700hp Mercedes Benz E63s for on road arm work. All arm work comes complete with arm, camera package, driver, focus puller, arm controller, and Ronin operator. 



Get the smoothest walking shots without the need for a dolly. This custom rickshaw can hold a speed rail setup fit with our Ronin 2, a camera operator, and a pusher. Perfect for long tracking shots that are needed when our dolly systems are not long enough. 

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