Discover what we have to offer for your next brand shoot, television production, feature film, or commercial. We offer everything from concept creation to final export. [ and everything in-between] 

The Edge Soaky Mountain


Everything needed to fully support and complete your next project. From pre-production to post production, and everything in between. We even offer turn key marketing options for brands who want to sit back and have us handle it all. For social media, television, print, and more. Our studio has the resources to elevate your next production with state of the art equipment from industry leading brands. Pair that with our team of in-house creative masterminds and you have the recipe for creative success.


Campaign Creation / Script Development 

We create engaging campaigns to tell your brands story. We make your brand's ad piece visually stunning and story driven for a memorable end product.  This includes storyboarding, script development, and more.


Our pre production team handles everything to ensure a smooth production. We create all pre production documents needed for crew and cast call time, arrange crafty pick up times, block out time for shots throughout the day, and anything else related to timing on set. This way you know exactly what to expect before we ever set foot on location.

Talent Casting

Our in-house talent coordinator works with the top agencies around the nation ( and agencies in select countries ) to help source talent for your next production. We provide your team with access to all the candidates prior to shooting to make final decisions.

Location Services

Sourcing your next film location has never been easier. Our in-house location scout team will set out to source the perfect location for your next production. We also have our own 30 acre country setting location outside of Pittsburgh PA with: lake, field, pool, gazebo, 4,000sqft sound stage, woods, large 15 acre rolling hill field, and 7,000 sqft victorian style home. We make finding the location as easy and stress free for your team as possible. 


Camera Motion

Moving the camera is an art we do best. We provide multiple camera movement options for your next production. We offer: Dolly, dana dolly, ronin 2 gimbal, steady cam, cranes, tilta float system, automotive and UTV arms, and slides. Getting the camera in motion makes for much more dynamic footage and a service we include in every production we shoot. 

Aerial Cinematography 

Our team provides everything needed for stunning aerial drone footage, from traditional cine drones and FPV drones. We include all the crew needed to safely and legally fly large production drones for television and commercial purposes.

Craft Services

Everyones favorite part of production.. food! We even go above and beyond for our craft services by catering food people really enjoy, having a snack/drink table always available, and having a breakfast/coffee bar in the AM. We take into account everyone on set and what they like to eat and what they cant eat, to make sure every meal is perfect for everyone on production. 


We provide all crew needed for any size production. From DPs to PAs and everything in between. 

The Production Van

Since we work all around the country we built a one of a kind production van that has multiple uses. During the trips to location is acts as a camera truck that holds multiple carts of camera gear, C stand cart, grip and rigging equipment, and up to 5 crew members. After we arrive on set it transforms into the ultimate on location green room. With a safe space for talent to change, do makeup, rest, and more. 

Grip And Rigging

Escape Visuals has everything needed for grip and rigging. We have a full 10 ton grip truck loaded with anything you could ever need for your next production. We have rigged rollercoasters that travel 325' in the air and over 95mph and rigged cranes/arms onto cars traveling at 100mph; our team can rig anything. 


Lighting, in house. We have all the tools needed to properly light your project. We offer traditional daylight balanced lights, LED linear tube lights, panel lighting, LED lights, film safe LED bulbs, sfx flights, and more. 

Atmospheric FX

Does your production need fog, snow, rain, or haze? We have all the tools in-house needed to create stunning real in camera atmospheric fx.

Set Design / Construction 

We make your ideas come to life, we design and build sets both in studio and on location. This includes everything from foundation to art direction.

Art Direction

We source props, signs, etc to make your projects set look exactly how you envision it.


Our sound mixing team can capture crystal clear audio on location for any project. For talent voice, sfx, interviews, and more. We use the highest quality audio capturing devices to ensure quality for every project.

Script Supervising 

We have in-house script supervisors that come standard on every production to make sure the shots are conveyed from pre production to end product exactly as planned. 

Project Coordination

Our team makes sure everything runs smooth on set, from timing to scheduling and everything in between. Our on site project coordinator makes sure client, crew, and talent needs are being met within the dedicated blocked out project timeframe. 

On Set Media Management 

Our VTR and DIT make sure every shot is perfect before we ever wrap. All media is managed with precision with no room for error. 

Special Asset Sourcing

Do you need a special car for your next project? What about animals? We have a team member that can source anything you need to bring your project to life.



Our post production house in Orlando FL is your one stop shop for everything after the shooting has wrapped. Timeline creation, editing, audio mixing, and more.


From simple to complex, we can add stunning animations to any project we produce.


What makes your footage pop! Our colorist has years of experience with us coloring footage from all our projects. No matter if its shot on RED, ARRI, Sony, or Canon, we can get the grade that fits your vision. 

Voice Over

We source the best voice over artists for your script. Out studio has a mobile, and in suite voice over booth for capturing clear audio from voice talent. 


Our team finds the perfect text font to be paired with your end product. What if you want a fully custom font design? We handle that too.

Stop Motion Animation

A mixture of on set and post work; we capture, design, and edit stop motion assets for your project.

Noise Reduction

Noisy and grainy footage can be a nightmare. We can fix any noise that was captured on set in post and delivery a clear and smooth end product.

Motion Graphics

From animated logos, in-motion lower thirds, and more; we deliver beautiful motion graphics for use in the end product.



We capture and create all content needed for stunning print advertising pieces. Billboard design, brochure design, magazines, look books, mail out ads, and more: plus all content needed to produce print materials. 


We create a turn key radio ad;  voice talent, sound design, sfx, and more.


Social media management with results that are proven successful. For organic and paid buys. We offer a ready to go package with site management, content creation, ad buys, and more.


Not only can we capture all content needed for a stunning website... we can also design it and manage it for you.


After we shoot your content we can get your ad up and running. We know where to place ads, and do in-house market research to make sure your ad is performing well and reaching your target audience. 


Let us live stream your next event or media day. With full HD and 4k options and multicam broadcasting, Escape Visuals brings your next event into the virtual world.


This service is geared for new attractions. We set up event lighting, rider cams, news live cameras from new attractions, and even can roll out the red carpet. Our studio makes your next event shine brighter than ever before. 


Our studio offers stunning still imagery for your next commercial photoshoot. We are industry leaders for stunning high resolution imagery. We have taken our cameras in situations most wouldn't dare; from 325' in the air on some of the most insane attractions out there, underwater capturing extreme action sports, in freezing temps alongside a powdery ski slope, and more. We dare to  breaks norms and capture the most beautiful images for any project we are apart of.

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 1.53.32 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 2.07.26 PM.png


Product photography for leading brands worldwide. Both on location and in studio. 

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Lifestyle photography for resorts, brands, ad campaigns, magazines, and more.

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High velocity photography that captures the action in motion. 

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Stunning in air photography from a drone or helicopter. Elevate your brand with content shot at new heights. 

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Sport photography for brands and events. Automotive, on water, on snow, on field, on ice, and more.

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Event photography that captures the energy. Concerts, conferences, shows, and more. Relive the excitement over and over again.